Kuehne + Nagel’s goal is to lead the digital transformation of the logistics industry. The use of digital solutions is a central concern for the human resources department and reflected in numerous initiatives. 2017 saw the global rollout of “myKN”, Kuehne + Nagel’s new digital collaboration platform, which facilitates and promotes interactive working across the Group. The platform supports the employees in managing projects and tasks, sharing knowledge and creating global and interdisciplinary networks. The global implementation of myKN was fast and highly successful: After just six months, half of all employees with PC workstations now use the platform regularly. In 2018, more global applications and functions will be integrated in myKN, such as the ability to create shared working environments with customers to simplify processes and increase productivity. 


The new “myLearning” application, integrated into myKN, provides the employees with user-friendly access to the Group’s training portfolio so they can build their own programme of internal and external courses. Every employee has the chance to acquire additional knowledge at his own pace and at a convenient time, on top of compulsory training. myLearning provides multiple learning formats, from classroom-based training sessions to online courses and integrated learning – offering employees attractive professional and personal development opportunities. More than 28,000 live and 215,000 online training sessions were held in 2017, transferring industry-specific knowhow, product, process and IT skills as well as compliance topics. Committed and competent managers are as important for the company’s success as well-qualified, motivated employees. Kuehne + Nagel systematically develops management skills and invests in the development of future managers. The company encourages all its employees to realise their potential through appropriate development opportunities and recognition as well as an attractive work environment. They are the ones who determine how Kuehne + Nagel is perceived externally and therefore have a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

“Our human resource management is focused on motivating and developing our employees and managers. A modern working environment and a dynamic learning culture give us a competitive edge and ensure the successful future of our company.”

Lothar Harings, Human Resources

Whilst digital evolution continues, Kuehne + Nagel pays particular attention to continuously improving its dialogue with customers and personalising its customer services. The global “Care Programme” was launched in 2017 to suggest ways in which employees can become even more customer-focused. This global initiative aims to ensure that Kuehne + Nagel’s high standards of service are spread and maintained across all functions and geographies. Initial assessments show that “Care” has increased customer satisfaction and strengthened customer loyalty. 


Kuehne + Nagel was once again seen as an attractive employer in 2017. The Group received more than twice as many applications as in the previous year. Important factors here have been modernised career and application platforms as well as several employer branding initiatives around the world. With state-of-the-art e-recruitment applications talents are identified in a more targeted way and the recruitment process is speeded up significantly.  

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